Pixie Paper Company began because I was given my first journal for Christmas when I was 12 years old and ever since then I have been in love with them. Each year I would buy myself a beautiful new crisp one and fill the pages with stories from my life – the joyful, the painful and the downright unbelievable things I tried and experienced. Then one day one of my friends made me some handmade paper for Christmas – what was this! You can handmake paper? Well that was that – I found a new love and became a handmade papermaking addict. I took a course in papermaking and then spent every waking hour making batches and batches of the beautiful stuff. As I was wondering what I would do with all my paper, I stumbled across a Book Restoration course and learnt how to make books as well... truly a gift from God! Now I could make my own beautiful journals. I made so much paper and so many journals I had to start a business, firstly because I wanted to do this for my whole life and never stop and secondly because my bedroom was stacked high with newly minted journals. Since then Pixie Paper Company has evolved from selling books and stationery to teaching others how to make them. Along the way I have evolved as well gaining a degree in Counselling and Coaching, a TAE and a Post Grad in Careers Education and Development…so when you see some of our other courses on offer like Vision Boarding and Goal Journaling, please know that you are in good qualified hands.

SO friends… if like me, you also can’t go past a stand of stationery and want to learn how to make your own or you just want to get creative, meet some new friends or make the space in your life to kick new goals, then come on over to Pixie Paper Company and I will love to share with you my cozy colourful studio as well everything I know about the art of paper.

Wishing you creative joy!
Love Cherie xxx