Christmas Wrap Nirvana

Christmas time can be such a fun time of the year to express your creativity. After all everyone needs a gift or a card. Back when I was a child and had no money to buy presents, I still wanted to give people in my family a gift. I never had money back then, so I didn’t see this as a barrier to achieving my goal, instead I had a book “Things to make and do” which I still have now, I had some craft things and I had my imagination. I can’t remember all of the whacky gifts I made but a few are coming into my mind. My dog Scott every year got a present from me, not just on Christmas but on my birthday too! I would make him a little sign that he could wear around his neck that said Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas depending on the occasion and which was tied together with red glitter shoelaces (from my skates). He loved me opening it under the tree for him and he wore it proudly for the day and all of the neighbour's would comment on how smart he looked with it on and wish him a Merry Christmas back.

My mum, she probably won the jackpot of all my handmade gifts; for some reason, only one comes to mind and that’s the handmade perfume I made her one year. Want the recipe – yes I still remember how to make it, take rose petals pinched from a neighbour's garden, put them in a jar, add water and shake. By Christmas the flowers looked kind of dead and stunk like poo, but I had wrapped it up a month ago and prior to this, it had smelt like REAL perfume. Then there was the sticker book I made my cousin. I cut out magazine pictures of things he liked and glued them onto a piece of paper – voila sticker book! Unfortunately, they weren’t stickers because they were permanently stuck, but I didn’t care – it was a great idea and a unique gift.

What I’m trying to say is that Christmas has always been a time of great creativity and inspiration and a wonderful way to try out our handicrafts on our loving relatives. Maybe this year you have decided to make your own Christmas gifts too and are wondering how you can extend this wonderful handmade joy to the exterior of your presents. If so please do not succumb to the store-bought ho, hum. Instead look at this! I spent 2 days holed up inside my studio painting, stencilling and glittering my way to Christmas Wrap Nirvana so that I could teach you how to make the coolest Christmas wrap know to womankind – by the way this is all made on inexpensive brown Kraft paper (I know I couldn’t believe how awesome they turned out either)!

In this class you will find plenty of ideas to suit your style – whether you are into brown paper packages tied up with string, elegant purple, blue and silver wraps that scream expensive or mystical mandalas that hide eastern treasures. Maybe you’re a lover of traditional red, green and white wraps, the ones that make you want to grab a heavily spiked eggnog and head over to the Griswald's for snow men, carolling, insane relatives and the biggest Xmas light show of your life. Whatever Christmas theme is your cup of tea then we have you covered (and your presents too)! Did I mention we will have our own little Christmas party too …um yum…come find out…I’ll save an eggnog for you!

P.S didn’t make your own Christmas presents this year …who cares, what are you Superwoman?!? Why not dazzle people anyway with your own handmade Christmas wrap too and have a spot of Creative Christmas fun to boot.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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Wackiest Gits Competition

Everybody has made a wacky gift or 2 in their lifetime. Tell us about the wackiest Christmas gift you ever made in the comments box below and you will receive the chance to win one of our Christmas Wrap & Swing Tag classes free. The most original or funny gift idea wins. Winner announced….

Good Luck!

Wishing you festive creative joy!

Love Cherie xxx

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