Creating Dreams into Reality

If you are anything like me, you have really big dreams for your life and are super keen to be actively experiencing the joy you know they will bring you! The question is how do we get the vision of what is in our head to manifest as reality? The answer is simple – put it down on PAPER! Visionboards are the visual way of doing this but journal writing or anything else that clearly states what you want out of life is also super effective. What is involved in the visioning process?

  1. Your IMAGINATION – because we are calling up your future here!
  2. BRAVENESS– to admit your true desires to yourself.
  3. TIME –Taking the time to actually make a vision board.
  4. NOTICING – examples of what makes you feel happy.
  5. COLLECTING –images, words or ideas of things you would like to have or experience.
  6. TRUST – that all is coming to you as you need it!

Any inventor would never get to the end result, i.etouching their product in the physical form, if they didn’t get their ideas onto paper as a blueprint first. When an idea is transferred to paper as words, drawings or images, it has made its first step in the journey to becoming a reality. Once it is on paper– then the magic really starts to happen – the dream is clear and the mind is able to work on making it become true. This can happen through ideas, suggestions, coincidences, chance meetings, acting on a whim, changing behaviours, thoughts or patterns, acting on strong urges to try something new, making modifications or my personal favourite coincidences (because this happens to me a lot)!

I know that everything I have in my life has come about because I have clearly asked for it on paper first and then acted on any divine intervention that came my way after that. Visionboarding is a magical experience that starts with you being clear about what you want first.

If you are feeling inspired to start the vision boarding process, then I gently nudge you to make it happen now. Pixie Paper Company is running workshops throughout October – January to ensure your 2018 starts out with a clear vision set. Every enrolment will receive a previsioning kit prior to the class starting to ensure you get the most out of your session! Read more about the class here.

With Divine Love,

Cherie xxx

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