Mum’s and Handmade Presents

Since we were children, mum has enjoyed a variety of our creative endeavours on Mother’s Day, from hand sewn oven mitts made at school, to culinary breakfast delights served up in bed on Mother’s Day to flowers pinched from the neighbour’s garden and of course the exquisite cards we’ve made where we get to tell her how special she is. I spoke to my boyfriend’s mum recently and she told me that what she misses the most on Mother’s Day are those times when everyone was clamoring around her with their handmade presents and breakfast in bed. After all, Mother’s Day was never about the presents but always about the love and together time that Mother’s Day gave us to make our Mum’s feel special.

As we get older and too busy, the day has sort of turned into some icky commercial enterprise, which I don’t know about you but for me it brings in feelings of guilt, panic and STRESS! What am I going to give my mum, will she like it, does she need it, has she already got it, am I just adding more clutter to her house??? Gees when did it get so complicated, why do I dread this day instead of enjoying it like I used to?

It used to be fun waking up early, heading into the neighbors gardens before they awoke to cut off their prize roses and give them to my mum with her orange juice and burnt pancakes. It was just so magic to see her face light up! Now though, its more a case of wtf am I going to get her...more perfume, books, pyjamas, sheets? I'm sure I saw my last years gifts tumbling out of the already over stuffed linen cupboard last time I was there. By the way, have you noticed that the older people get, the more minimalist they become? "You shouldn't waste your money love, I still have my PJ's from 1985, they are just fine, I'll save these one's for good!" To be honest, every gift, I'm buying her now, I'm starting to think will be something I will have to throw out at some stage in the future or which may be a potential fire hazard for her if the house continues to gain clutter. Oh yeah, my mind is going there! This is a far cry from pancakes in bed!

Well if you have ever read Pixie Paper Company's welcome newsletter, then you will know that returning to simpler times is the key ethic behind Pixie Paper Company. When I think of why I run craft classes it is because I love the idea of women bonding over craft like we once did in the days before mass production and internet connectivity. Films like Little Women and Gone with the Wind spring to mind, you know with the scenes of the local women sitting in someone’s living room and they are doing needlepoint and someone’s playing the piano or reading poetry and in between the ladies are chatting about what’s new in their world. Personally, nothing makes me happier than spending time with my girlfriends and being creative. Put the two together, add afternoon tea, inspiring music and somewhere gorgeous to enjoy it in and you have the recipe for a very fun afternoon!

So ladies if you can relate to anything I've spoken about and you are pretty sure that your  Mum has everything she needs from the commercial world but lacks actual quality 1 on 1 time with her loving children, then I know she will enjoy doing one of Pixie Paper Company’s classes with you.

I have spent weeks locked in my studio coming up with some gorgeous classes that I think women of all ages will enjoy. Take a look here on our website and if you also sign up for our newsletter you will get 10% off these classes. I sincerely  hope that my workshops will bring back some of that quality together time that is lacking so much now and promise that together we will make your mum feel really special without all the commercial hoo-ha getting in the way of a good time! 

Please also befriend us on  FB & Instagram and continue to  read our blogs here. Cant’ wait to meet you and your Mum in one of our workshops, Love and Light to you, your mum and linen cupboards across the globe, Cherie xxxx

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